How do YOU FEEL INSPIRED and ENTHUSIASTIC in YOUR WORK? The feeling where you continuously are evoked to nothing less than being INVESTED IN EVERY MOMENT and INTRIGUED BY EVERY MOMENT?

I my self am continuously INSPIRED in the conversation with clients being let in to THAT trusted space at which the combination of complex clinical or complex research settings are combined with personal or strategic development, elevation, and growth.

The academic subjects this week already discussed entail; Cerebral cortex research, small molecule drug development, and orthopedic surgery in a competitive setting.

Last week entailed; Clinical trial management, non-clinical project management, ophthalmology, and business development.

This PRIVELEGE of being let in to THAT space at which a person are compelled to INVEST the most, CONTRIBUTE the most, EXCEL the most, and THRIVE the most, I find highly inspiring, a true trusted respectful privilege, and I am compelled to bring forward my ABSOLUTE BEST in every minute of every conversation.

That beacon, when experiencing that, note it and use it. 

What is your personal beacon?