I was recently asked if I would give a talk inspiring young academics on how to approach their work path in a more unconventional way.

The below is a good example. This week the co-development of a 4.th approved medical drug compound was added to my resume within a third therapeutic area. Something I would never have imagined – Also it was never at my target list.

Contributing to patient life and patient care were.

In relation to the talk I was asked: “What is your key advice?” My ansver was: ”Focus on how you can contribute, not on what you can gain.” This is one of my strongest views.

Starting at Novo Nordisk, I did not have specific knowledge of growth hormone compared to my peers, but amongst other projects I was one day asked to include a GH project. I have a strong “Yes-hat” and a continuous joy of learning. This was a chance to learn more in a complex safety area especially considering pharmacological effects and moiety aspects, but most of all, I saw it as yet a great opportunity of contributing to patients world wide.

Many skilled specialists have contributed to this project, that is how products arise, by contribution.

My key advice to date still is: “Focus on contribution”.

Congratulations to everyone involved.